59 Apache Project

by Merlin on March 22, 2010

Hi gang

Much has happened on the home front at Airborn Art thats had me tied up and unable to keep all of you up to date, such is life in the big city of Hemet 🙂

In any case things are settling down a bit now and i can give an update.  The good news is I drug home the truck i’ve been looking for for several years, an amblitory basket case 1959 Chevy Apache, shortbed, stepside.  Yea its a 6 hole stovebolt with three on the tree.  The body cancer is about what one would expect but there are many replacement panel parts available so this will be a great subject for a tutorial here.  As i go thru each step of the rebuild process, i will be posting pics and mini tutorials for ya’ll.  The first order of business will be going thru the brake system, they will be stock for the time being until such a time as i start to add horsepower.

Ready for the trip to Hemet

Well all for now, back at you soon

Safe Paths


Airborn Art News

by Merlin on February 15, 2010

Greetings and salutations from the staff at Airborn Art.

This will be the first of many news articles I will be writing regarding what’s going on at Airborn Art.

As some of you already know, our skills and passions here go beyond the Custom Paint and R/C helicopter world.  My plans for these posts are to keep all of you up to date on the many projects that come thru the shop, some will be mundane others pretty neat.   There are a couple of projects in the queue that I think all of you will find interesting.  I also plan on doing some short tutorials on some of my techniques that may prove helpful to my readers that have an interest in how we get from “point a to point b”.  Some will ask why I’m willing to give up trade secrets… well, I’ve been mentored by some of the best artists and fabricators out there and I feel a need to pass on the favor.

As for new news for this post, earlier this month several of us hit the Grand National Roadster show.  For those that are unaware, this is the “grand daddy” of car shows for the hot rod industry.  The best of the best were seen here and many endeavored to win the coveted title of “Americas Most Beautiful Roadster”.

As always there are daily drivers and trailer queens, many nostalgia cars (many I’ve actually seen as a young guy), old lake cars, dragsters and of course the modern pro built Hot Rods.  Looks like this year the show cars are coming back to the simpler but perfectly done old school style.  There were only a few of the “Billet Cars” we’ve seen in the past.

Although by now this is old news I still feel congratulations are in order.  This year the winner or the AMBR is “Possessed,” the beautiful ’33 roadster owned by Mike and Dianna Dingman and built by Scott’s Hot Rods and Customs in Oxnard, California.AMBR 2010 I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the staff from Scotts, and I must say, not only are the talented but a darn nice bunch of guys.

Sin Vertis Stratio


Welcome to my website!

February 4, 2010

Thank you for stopping by! I’ll be adding pictures and descriptions of my projects in this area, as well as interesting facts about airbrush art. Check back soon!

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