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Keith started painting models as a kid then cars as a teenager and, in adulthood, has expanded his craft to include flying models, wall art, hard hats, helmets, rifle stocks, motorcycles, and full-size airplanes.

Before expanding his painting business, Keith served in the U.S. Air Force from 1967 to 1973 and in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969. Keith served as a crew chief on F-100s and F-4Es. During his tour of duty, Keith also began his R/Cl Models career. In 1969 he flew the FAI Pattern and was selected to represent Spain in the 1973 World Finals in Gorizia, Italy. Keith took first place in scale at the Spanish nationals with a ¼-size Super Cub glider tug.

Continuing his involvement with aircrafts, Keith became an FAA-approved private pilot for single engine aircraft and gliders and obtained a FAA mechanic license. He later went on to found R/C Specialties, where he designed contract display models for several major aerospace firms. Many are still classified.

To hone his airbrush skills, Keith studied under highly esteemed artists, Craig Fraser and Kiwi Terry at the Airbrush Action Getaway. Keith demonstrates an amazing attention to detail and excels at painting realistic-looking flames, skulls and patriotic imagery. Keith maintains a high level of quality with his craftsmanship and uses only the finest paints, sealers, and primers. See Keith’s process.

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