59 Apache Project

by Merlin on March 22, 2010

Hi gang

Much has happened on the home front at Airborn Art thats had me tied up and unable to keep all of you up to date, such is life in the big city of Hemet 🙂

In any case things are settling down a bit now and i can give an update.  The good news is I drug home the truck i’ve been looking for for several years, an amblitory basket case 1959 Chevy Apache, shortbed, stepside.  Yea its a 6 hole stovebolt with three on the tree.  The body cancer is about what one would expect but there are many replacement panel parts available so this will be a great subject for a tutorial here.  As i go thru each step of the rebuild process, i will be posting pics and mini tutorials for ya’ll.  The first order of business will be going thru the brake system, they will be stock for the time being until such a time as i start to add horsepower.

Ready for the trip to Hemet

Well all for now, back at you soon

Safe Paths


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Corry Weston November 11, 2010 at 10:39 pm

hi Keith/Merlin
I was checking out your website as I haven’t seen it for some time now…
and noticed the pic of the cool truck you have…
is that you with the truck?
it’s a great pic…and i’ll check back soon to see how the rebuild is going
say hi to Ari for me!

matt February 4, 2011 at 8:56 pm

i recently just brought a 59 just like this mine has a 283 in it an fleetside who would you recomend for buying pannles off of guy i work with says he dont care for lmc i havent used them so not sure whats your thought

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